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easy to feed and highly palatable

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What our Customers are saying....

Ben Maher MBE

"I had the opportunity of trying Better4Hooves on a few horses that were loosing shoes. My horses travel and compete repeatedly over many years so need extra nutritional support. I was so impressed i became a Brand Ambassador for the product!!"

Nicola McGivern

"I was sent some pots of the new formula Better4Hooves to do a 'taste test' with my horses, 4 weeks later my farrier commented on the horses feet saying the quality of horn growth was amazing. Now we buy it for all the horses on the yard!"

Stephen Brooks BVSc MRCVS

"I have found that Better 4 Hooves produces a high grade quality horn and I have being very impressed with the rate of growth, it gives the farrier something to work with. I would also strongly recommend this product for post laminitis"

Janet Markland

"We have tried three highly recommended hoof supplements, without seeing much success. My farrier (Wilf Ford) suggested that we try Better4Hooves, we have been very pleased with the results. Tom was shod 2 days ago, Wilf says that his hoof wall is now much stronger, it is only recently that Tom has been growing enough hoof to enable him to nail into new hoof, rather than trying to make do with his split & crumbly walls!"

David Newall DWCF

"I've used better4hooves with my clients for some time & I have to say I've noticed good results. In particular a couple of cases where previous supplements have been tried & not worked, but better4hooves has made a difference. This could be down to the research that's been put in in regards to the quantities of each individual nutrient. I noticed an improved growth rate but the horn quality also improved. I highly recommend better4hooves.'

Sue Roberts

"My Dutch horse got concussive laminitis due to having very thin soles. To say that he was bad would be an understatement his pedal bone had rotated to the point of nearly coming through the sole of his foot, prognosis was very poor. I am so lucky I have a fantastic farrier (Paul Conroy) who recommended B4H. It’s nothing short of a miracle! Now he grows quality hoof & has sole depth. I recommend B4H to anyone & personally would never be without it..."

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Bill Watson AWCF B1

"All horses fed Better4Hooves have responded positively i.e quality of horn, strength of foot, rate of growth & condition of feet generally. Horses with a history of losing shoes due to bad quality horn have not done since. I also supply fellow farriers so distribute thousands of pots a year!"

Ricky Gache DIPWCF ATF

"Extremely impressed with the rate of growth and the high quality of horn produced, every horse that is on it has responded in this way, Very Impressed!! I will continue to use and recommend this product to all horse owners"

Mrs L Stokes

"My cusioniod/laminitic pony’s feet have been through the mill, with Better4Hooves she is producing high quality great looking feet, you wouldn't think she had anything wrong with her. My thoroughbred is also on better4Hooves he now keeps his shoes on & has no more splits in his feet!"

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